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From Tumblr - dream-zanarkand, click HERE for tumblr post.

Day 1: Use one of either a sans serif font or a serif font.

Day 2: Flush the type to the left or right

Day 3: Center or justify the type

Day 4: Use only 3 words

Day 5: Create a monochromatic graphic to accompany the type

Day 6: Favorite typeface

Day 7: Use 3 fonts

Day 8: Use one letter

Day 9: Use your own handwriting

Day 10: Create a text-only piece

Day 11: White or black font

Day 12: Use your all-time favorite quote

Day 13: Use your favorite color in a graphic

Day 14: Use type as an experimental texture

Day 15: Use textures on type

Day 16: Use a type you're unfamiliar with

Day 17: Use huge type

Day 18: Use tiny type

Day 19: Create a graphic with your favorite character, plus a quote

Day 20: Create a graphic with scenery, plus a quote

Day 21: Create an overlay graphic with a quote or song lyrics

Day 22: Create a typographical poster for the last game you played

Day 23: Create a movie poster remake of a game

Day 24: Use one word

Day 25: Use the last words said in a game

Day 26: Use the first words said in a game

Day 27: Remake an old graphic

Day 28: Emulate your one of your favorite graphic designers (on tumblr or on the internet)

Day 29: Create a lyrical typographical poster

Day 30: Wildcard
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Ama1323 Featured By Owner May 16, 2013  Hobbyist
Can you explain day 14 to me?
cacophonycat Featured By Owner May 29, 2013  Student Interface Designer
Sorry I took so long to respond. I read it several ways.

1) you can create a pattern or paint brush in photoshop and paint a font with a texture. Although I'm not sure if that applies. That might be #15.

2) You can use a font, much like a pattern brush to apply it to a shape or object to create the feeling of texture. It would essentially be using font to shade or color an object like what crosshatching is in ink.

3) Then I found this: [link] ... where the type itself is pretty much a texture. But altering type is a pain from what it looks like to me. I don't know how to use the programs which alter type like that unless I just pick one from or

Other examples of font combined with texture:

I'm noticing that shape has a lot to do with it. And most of these remind me of #15. I think I'm almost equally confused about #14 as you are.

I got the examples from the group: Typoholics
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